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Elusive Dreams Magazine - No.5.1

By MJ Jahami

162 pages, published 4/30/2017

Elusive Dreams‭ ‬is an Occasional International Digital‭ & ‬Print Magazine that showcases the talents of‭ ‬Photographers‭,‬ Models‭, ‬Make-up Artists‭ & ‬Fashion Designers‭. ‬Its mission is to offer a‭ ‬Professional‭, ‬Online‭ ‬Platform that both shares your‭ ‬creative‭ ‬vision‭ & ‬connects you to new‭ & ‬exciting artists‭. ‬Elusive‭ ‬Dreams‭ ‬Magazine’s goal is to‭ ‬inspire‭ & ‬intrigue‭ ‬its readers‭ & ‬contributors by showcasing the‭ ‬unusual‭ & ‬the‭ ‬exciting‭ ‬in the‭ ‬creative‭ ‬world‭.
Please get in touch should you like to have your work included.
We hope to see your Work here soon!‬

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